About Us

There is tremendous energy in the people at STS. They are inspired by each other and by the professional driver's drive to deliver. The great folks at STS can help you meet your truck and tractor audio needs. They are highly motivated and ready to get to work for you. Regardless of your purchase amount or company size, look no further than SemiTruckStereos.com.

Many of the people at STS have been involved in big truck and tractor stereos for many years, even before the concept or collaboration of SemiTruckStereos.com. So it goes without saying they're passionate about stereos.

Keeping Up with Heavy-Duty Stereos

As developments in modern technologies are made, the demand for new features and abilities are required of stereos used by professional drivers. The people at STS keep up to date on stereo features and vehicle compatibility to ensure the equipment you receive will install and function properly in your application.