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Kenworth Navigation Bypass Harness


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  • Model: PP807092-003
  • Brand: Delphi

This Bypass Harness allows bypassing of the Factory Installed First Generation NavPlus navigation system in Kenworth trucks. Double check details below as you may not need a bypass harness.

NavPlus on the way out? You can either choose to replace the system or to bypass it. If you're interested in replacing the factory nav system with a regular AM/FM stereo then this harness is exactly what you need. After installing the bypass harness you'll be left with just the modern industry standard ISO radio connector. This will allow the installation of any of our Aptiv, Delphi, Panasonic or ProAudio truck stereos.

Once the job is done you can leave the old touch screen in place or remove it and utilize the space for something else. Either way the screen will no longer server any purpose.

This bypass harness PP807092-003 is only required for the following trucks:
2.1M CABS (T680, T880) WITH P923 OR P924 IP HARNESS (BUILT APPROX JANUARY 2015 AND LATER). To find your IP harness ID look at the main plug on the back of the stereo. Follow that wire group to where it connects into the truck's main wiring. You should find a label with a "P92..." number. This is your IP harness ID. With this harness please follow these PDF installation instructions
Install Instructions for Aptiv Stereos
Install Instructions for Delphi Stereos

All other Kenworth models 2014 and older with IP harness P922 will not require the bypass harness but you will need to download the following instructions.
Install Instructions for Aptiv Stereos
Install Instructions for Delphi Stereos


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