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Delphi Handheld Remote Control


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  • Model: PP603988
  • Brand: Delphi

Wireless remote control for your Delphi heavy-duty stereo major functions. This big button controller is OEM equipment and is compatible with every Aptiv and Delphi heavy-duty stereo that supports an IR remote control. NOTE** Not For Use With Nav+ HD and SmartNav Navigation Systems

Easy to use and easy to setup. Two included coin cell batteries come pre-installed, so all you have to do is just point and click. There is no pairing to be done. The remote is already programmed for the Delphi stereo.

The batteries in your new Delphi remote should last a few years, but that of course really depends on usage. To help prolong battery life make sure that buttons aren't accidentally being pressed by other objects when being stored in a cabinet or other storage locations. To replace the batteries please refer to the guide below.

Battery Replacement
Type: Coin Cell
Qty.: Requires Two (2) Batteries (included with new remote control)
Size: CR2032
Guide: Battery Replacement Guide

  1. Band (AM/FM/SAT)
  2. Power (On/Off)
  3. Station Seek (Up)
  4. Station Seek (Down)
  5. Volume Up (+)
  6. Volume Down (-)
  7. Presets 1-6 (bottom left)
  8. Auxiliary Input (bottom center)
  9. Source Input (bottom right button)


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